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About Us


In a world of business complexity, V8 prefers to keep things simple, by emphasising the human touch in our business. 

Here, we carry out our everyday business activities with the V8 touch, which is not just about being professional and responsible at work. It is also about taking pride in what we do, and not compromising our beliefs or standards. It means offering waste management solutions of the best value to our clients. 

Ultimately it is about having a genuine relationship with our clients. To meet their needs more fully, we go the extra mile to have dedicated managers for our clients. Even if their needs are beyond our scope of services, we will advise them as best as we can. 

The V8 Touch. It is our professional yet personalised touch that differentiates us. 



A strong conviction that we could make the environments better was what drew us to the waste business more than thirty years ago. Faced by a scarcity of professional waste service providers, we decided to step in and make a difference with our reliable services.

It was in 1999 that we incorporated our company under the name "V8 Environmental Pte Ltd". Over the years, we differentiated ourselves from other waste companies by developing into a provider of multiple waste management services. This saved our clients from the hassles of having to deal with different waste specialists for different wastes. 

Honed by decades of experience, our sharp perceptiveness and depth of expertise empower us to offer the best value advices and solutions to our clients, whatever industry they are in. 


Our Commitment



  • Taking Pride In What We do
    Our job may not be glamorous, but we recognise the important of our role, and we take pride in being an enabler for your operation. 

  • Nurturing Human Bonds
    Lasting and rewarding relationships are only possible with mutual care and respect, not only with our customers but with our staff as well.

  • Going The Extra Mile 
    We strive to put our customers first by engaging in genuine relationships with them so that we understand their needs thoroughly. We want to be the perceptive partner who offers solutions of the best value for them.


Our vision is to be Singapore's leading professional partner in waste management providing the best level of service.  


Our mission at V8 is to make the environments better for both our customers and staff. That means making our customer's environments cleaner and safer. We also want to create an inclusive environment for our staff, where we work to overcome challenges, and share the fruits of our hard work together.